Packing My Sea Bag

IMG_1149-001Way back in October, I was sharing stories  of my first season sailing and club racing with my friend Norm. An avid sailor himself, Norm was more than happy to share a few stories of his own and soon an otherwise boring afternoon at a trade show was enjoyably put to rest. The next day, Norm came by our booth and invited me to help sail his 41′ Morgan from Daytona Beach to Ft. Lauderdale to get it in position for the Fort Lauderdale to Key West race in January 2016.  As a neophyte sailor I jumped at the opportunity to do some open ocean sailing and learn from an experienced skipper and crew.

That was October. It’s December 31 and the reality of this trip is starting to look and feel a lot more real. As I lay out my gear for this first offshore sailing trip the feelings of excitement and nervousness are about equally mixed. Do I have the right clothes and gear? Will the night sky 20-miles off shore look as amazing as I imagine it will? Will seasickness rear its ugly head? Will I learn some things that might help my sailing friends back home? Will my snoring make the rest of the crew want to rig a plank?

Time will tell.

The last few pieces of gear – boots, PLB, safety tether – are on their way. Careful preparation is turning nervousness to caution and caution to confidence. I am excited for the trip. Eager to get back out on the water. And grateful for the opportunity to go.

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